About us

Offaly Sports Partnership comprises representation from:

  1. agencies which invest in various aspects of sport. Through their interaction with each other, we hope that better coordination and collaboration can be achieved.
  2. representatives of the stakeholders including sports clubs, the disability sector, the private sector and third level institutions. We hope that they will help us to prioritise needs and to maintain positive links with the thousands of people involved in sport across the county.

The definition of sport which Offaly Sports Partnership has adopted is broad ranging and includes all forms of physical activity including occupational activity, play, physical education, active recreation, exercise and competitive sport. A variety of agencies have been playing a leading role in developing some of these areas in the county for many years, and our aim is to support and enhance their work.

Our remit is to achieve sustained increases in participation levels in physical activity, sport and active living in County Offaly. Our Vision is of a county with a vibrant sports culture which is inclusive of all people; while Our Mission is to actively support inclusive measures to increase and sustain participation in sport and physical activity in County Offaly

The key values which govern our work are -

  1. Inclusion - we seek to be people-centred in our work in order to ensure that our interventions are both responsive to, and accepted by the maximum number of people that we target
  2. Partnership - we seek to collaborate in partnership with all stakeholders committed to increasing participation; and with the wider community in order to maximize impacts for our county
  3. Respect - we will be respectful of all people with whom we work, for the advancement of our goals
  4. Acknowledgement - we recognise and acknowledge that the task of maintaining and increasing participation levels in sport within our county is huge and is something that we cannot do alone. We are therefore very appreciative of the efforts of all volunteers and organisations that contribute to this
  5. Equality - We are committed to a culture of equality to advance participation opportunities for all, in line with our equality statement
  6. Environment - we will conduct our operations in the most climate and biodiversity friendly manner possible.

Our Pillars, Goals and Objectives

We have agreed five thematic pillars that will form the basis for our work in achieving our vision as follows: -

  1. Instil Fundamentals and Improve Youth Fitness
  2. Increase Adult and Older Adult Participation
  3. Include the Least Active
  4. Integrate and Celebrate
  5. Improve Capacity and Inform the Sector