Local context

2002 - Offaly County Development Board published Bringing the Future into Focus, a 10 year integrated strategy for the economic, social and cultural development of the county. The "Health, Wellbeing and Sport" section of this strategy proposed the creation of a Local Sports Partnership.

2003 - an interagency partnership was established, and in October of that year a submission for formal status was made to the Irish Sports Council.

2004 / 2005 - Offaly received developmental site designation from the Irish Sports Council. Students from Tralee Institute of Technology were employed on work placement projects to progress a number of areas of work including the development of a club database, club development workshops for sports clubs, and activity projects in schools.

2006 - the Irish Sports Council and Offaly County Council signed heads of agreement, and Offaly Sports Partnership received full partnership status. This status allows the Partnership to apply annually for core funding towards the cost of employing a Coordinator and Administrator, administrative costs, and strategic planning and communications and programme funding to enable the partnership to implement an annual action plan of prioritised, targeted initiatives.

2007 - during the year, the Management Committee was expanded and the partnership began the roll out of its first annual programme that included the delivery of the Buntús programme in primary schools, Club development and Coach education workshops for sports clubs, a Migrants in Sport initiative, and the administration of grant schemes for clubs and groups countywide. The groundwork (consultations and research) for a three year Strategic Plan was completed and the document was approved by the Management Committee at year end.

2008 - Offaly Sports Partnership's first strategic plan was published, and from 2008 to 2010, annual work plans were drafted and delivered throughout the county.

2010 - a review of the first strategic plan of Offaly Sports Partnership was carried out, and work began on developing a second strategic plan for the period 2011 to 2015.

2011 - Offaly Sports Partnership's second strategic plan "Everybody's Participation Counts" was published in May 2011.

2015 - Offaly Sports Partnership's second strategic plan "Everybody's Participation Counts" was reviewed, and work began on developing a third strategic plan for the period 2016 - 2020.