Bike Week 2024 - Grand Canal Greenway Cycle Relay (stages event)

 18 May 2024  to   18 May 2024
  09:00  -  16:00
  Grand Canal Greenway - George's Bridge, Edenderry to Gallen Bridge, Ferbane

Join Offaly Sports Partnership for our second annual Grand Canal Greenway Cycle Relay (stages event) along 55km of the Greenway from George’s Bridge, Edenderry to Gallen Bridge, Ferbane.

Stage 1 - George’s Bridge, Edenderry to Toberdaly Bridge (greenway carpark), Rhode – 8.75km: Depart George’s Bridge at 9am

Stage 2 – Toberdaly Bridge, Rhode to Molesworth Bridge, Daingean (greenway carpark) – 8km: Depart Toberdaly Bridge, Rhode at 10am

Stage 3 – Molesworth Bridge, Daingean to Digby Bridge, Cappincur, Tullamore (greenway carpark) – 11.5km: Depart Molesworth Bridge at 11am

Stage 4 – Digby Bridge, Cappincur, Tullamore to The Thatch, Rahan – 10.75km: Depart Digby Bridge at 12.15pm

Stage 5 - The Thatch, Rahan to Pollagh – 7.75km: Depart The Thatch, Rahan 1.30pm

Stage 6 – Pollagh to Armstrong (Gallen) Bridge (greenway carpark), Ferbane – 10km: Depart Pollagh at 2.30pm

Refreshments available at each “stages” stop

  1. Toberdaly Bridge, Rhode (greenway carpark)                  
  2. Molesworth Bridge, Daingean (greenway carpark)                
  3. Digby Bridge, Cappincur, Tullamore (greenway carpark) 
  4. The Thatch, Rahan
  5. Plunkett Bridge, Pollagh (greenway carpark) 
  6. Armstrong (Gallen) Bridge, Ferbane (greenway carpark) 

Ride leaders will be on hand to support less experienced riders and families to complete the “stages” sections

Limited bike hire available for the “stages” event. Please book at registration.

Book your place here –

Pre booking essential. Closing date for bookings is Tuesday, 14th May

Contact for more information the event