Covid Bubbles campaign

The HSE COVID Bubbles campaign creates a visual reminder of the protection we can share when we follow public health actions, and how easy it can be the lost. The bubble idea makes the invisible visible

For some time, cases have been rising, especially in younger age groups and today, our country enters a new phase of level 5 restrictions. It’s now more important than even that we understand how protective measures can keep us all safe and slow the spread of the virus.

Covid Bubbles

When you keep your distance, no matter how awkward it feels; you’re protecting yourself and those around you from the spread of COVID-19.           

But when you drop your guard, when groups get together, when you shake hands or hug someone you love, when you step forward instead of taking a step back; you could become exposed to the virus and so could the people around you. 

Help drive the number of cases down. Keep your guard up. #HoldFirm

Check out the Covid Bubble advertisement here