Irish Heart Foundation Bizzy Breaks programme

 21 Oct 2020

The Irish Heart Foundation are delighted to launch their new and expanded Bizzy Breaks for bizzy minds and bizzy bodies programme for primary schools

The programme is free of charge and can be delivered straight to your classroom whiteboard.

What is Bizzy Breaks for Bizzy Bodies and Bizzy Minds?
Bizzy Breaks is a collection of short activities for breaks throughout the school day, the programme is designed with classrooms and current COVID19 guidelines in mind. A new addition to the programme is mindfulness along with wide range of wellbeing activities. 

As the winter months come in and space is a premium we’ve designed these activities for your classroom.

Benefits of for Bizzy Bodies and Bizzy Minds?

  • Bizzy Breaks activities require minimal equipment.
  • Perfect for use anywhere – indoors, in small classrooms, outdoors.
  • Improves concentration 
  • All activities adapted for COVID19.
  • Transitions and energizers 
  • Each activity lasts 5 to 10 minutes.
  • All activities are designed to link with class curriculum.
  • Designed to help busy minds bring stillness and calmness into every day.
  • Activities and games for the whiteboard.

How do I access it?
All of our resources are free and available online here

We would appreciate if you could share this with your colleagues. We are very excited about our new free resources and we will be adding even more over the coming months. 

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