Offaly Sports Partnership Older Adult programme concludes with great success.

 31 May 2024

Offaly Sports Partnership successfully hosted a 6-week Older Adult programme of competition-based activities, focusing a different sport every week

Designed and delivered by Community Sports Development Officer Denise Coghill, who outlined

The initial idea behind it was to just get a feel for what the older adult wanted in the line of sporting and physical activity; and how would we cater for those needs. We are always trying to come up with new concepts and ideas around the area of sport and physical activity that will attract people into activities but more importantly will be sustainable and will keep them interested”.

What began as a taster session of a selection Offaly Sports Partnership activities, the sessions were well attended with over 60 people present from individuals to retirement groups across a range of abilities. Participants were able to participate in Walking football, Pickleball (indoor tennis), Chair volleyball, Scooch, Scidil (which is a form of bowling), Activators (fitness with walking poles), Boccia, Darts as well as Strength & Conditioning activities.

The sessions concluded with a prize giving ceremony in each of the activities and are available to view on Offaly County Council and Offaly Sports Partnership social media channels.

Offaly Sports Partnership are an inter-agency and multi sectorial subgroup of Offaly’s Local Community Development Committee (LCDC), core funded by Sport Ireland and hosted within the Community and Culture Section of Offaly County Council.   The ongoing focus of work is to achieve sustained increases in participation levels in physical activity, sport and active living in County Offaly and to create a vibrant sports culture which is inclusive of all people.

Follow along on our social media channels to discover other sports activities which will be delivered over the summer months.


Notes to Editor

For further information, please contact Denise Coghill, Offaly Sports Partnership via email