RLSS UK Club Promotion Week

 03 Sep 2021

Following a 2021 survey of lifesaving clubs, around 40% of clubs highlighted that the pandemic had potentially affected the number of members they have attending their club. To support clubs to promote their activity, starting on 06 September the charity will be running a week long campaign to highlight the benefit and work of the incredible lifesaving clubs across the UK and Ireland.  

Join a Lifesaving Club – life changing and life saving

Lifesaving clubs are at the heart of a community, providing an essential service to young people and their families to develop the ability to enjoy water safely.

Delivering both the physical and mental benefits of sport and physical activity lifesaving  also provides a life skill that both enriches and could save lives.

The benefits of joining a club

  • Vital life saving skills to enjoy a lifetime of fun in the water – Our activity enriches lives, it provides the competence and confidence to open up a lifetime of fun activities in, on and around water.
  • Soft and practical skills to shape a future career - Lifesaving activity is different, members are encouraged to shout, scream and communicate. Kids absolute love our programmes. Take a look at our video from our Rookie Lifeguards.
  • Fun and Friendship - Our lifesaving clubs give young people the confidence to build relationships. Our club members often stay connected throughout their life.
  • Skills to save a life – Community response does save lives, if you don’t believe us just take a look at some of our local heroes here  
  • A personal challenge for all to aspire to – Water safety skills are for everybody; they are easy to learn and no matter your background or circumstance you can be challenged to develop new skills.

If you would like more information about the clubs within the RLSS UK please follow this link 

To search for your closest RLSS UK club please follow this link