Healthy Ireland Sun Smart Campaign

The 2020 June bank holiday weekend saw the launch of the Healthy Ireland SunSmart campaign.

This campaign, led by the HSE and supported by Healthy Ireland and the Irish Cancer Prevention Network, focussed on skin cancer prevention, by promoting simple key messages to encourage people to enjoy the sun safely, and make skin protection part of their everyday routine.

Skin Cancer is the most common type of skin cancer in Ireland, with over 13,000 cases diagnosed annually. This is over twice the number of ten years ago; and this number is predicted to double again by 2045, yet most skin cancers can be prevented by adopting the 5S' to protect skin in the sun: -

  1. Seek shade
  2. Slap on a hat
  3. Slide on sunshades
  4. Slip on a t-shirt
  5. Slop on some sunscreen

For additional #SunSmart information, check out these videos and websites: -