Offaly's Longest Day Challenge

Supported by Healthy Ireland, Offaly's Longest Day Challenge encourages people to get out and get active by setting themselves a physical activity challenge for each of the 20 days in the run up to the longest day, 21st June

Offaly's Longest Day Challenge is a collaborative project between Healthy Ireland, Offaly LCDC and Offaly Sports Partnership which is based on the concept of famous wartime movies about the longest day (typically the 21st June) representing a major turning point and a fight back, a refusal to lie down and accept defeat against the odds.

The challenge is designed to encourage the people of Offaly to get out and get active by setting themselves a physical activity challenge for each of the 20 days in the run up to the longest day, 21st June

Anyone wishing to take part in the longest day challenge can request an entry form and activity diary by email. Please include your name and postal address when requesting an entry form and diary.

The entry form will need to be submitted to Offaly Sports Partnership in advance of the 1st June commencement date so that the challenges can be recorded; while the diaries will need to be returned to Offaly Sports Partnership for independent verification by the 30th June 

Independent judges from across the network of local sports partnerships will adjudicate 19 different categories and draw a shortlist of five to ten in each depending on the volume of entries received. There will be a draw for each category from the people shortlisted with one person or household winning a cash voucher in each.

There will be 18 individual vouchers of €100: -

  • Male & Female in preschool and infants
  • Male & Female in 1st to 3rd class primary
  • Male & Female in 4th to 6th class primary
  • Male & Female in junior cert cycle secondary
  • Male & Female in senior cycle secondary
  • Male & Female in 18 to 34 years
  • Male & Female in 35 to 49 years
  • Male & Female in 50 to 64 years
  • Male & Female in 65 years plus

There will also be a €200 voucher for an entire household category.

Declan Harvey, chair of the Offaly Local Community Development Committee encouraged as many people as possible to take part in the Longest Day Project challenge. “The LCDC is delighted to be associated with this project”, he said. “This is an opportunity for people of all ages to show that Offaly is getting out and staying healthy and active. It’s also a great chance to win one of the prizes. But whether we win something or not, June is a great time to be out and about with the longer days. There’ll be over 17 hours of daylight on the longest day”. He thanked Healthy Ireland and Offaly Sports Partnership for supporting the project.

Eamonn Henry, coordinator of Offaly Sports Partnership encouraged people to consider the Department of Health’s recommended levels of physical activity when setting challenges for themselves and family members. Children and young people need to be active for at least 60 minutes a day while adults need at least 30 minutes a day, five times each week.

In addition to the 20-day physical activity challenge, there will also be a Longest Day photographic competition. People are invited to submit photos of themselves being active while maintaining social distance on the 21st June. Further details available in due course