Buntús programmes are exciting programmes developed to support primary school teachers and childcare practitioners in introducing young people to sport and physical activity.

The programmes are rolled out through Sport Ireland's network of Local Sports Partnerships. Sport Ireland recognises the major role that sport can play in the lives of young people. It is important that an enjoyable multi-sport and non-competitive model is used to introduce primary schools children to sport that will complement and enhance both our school and community sport programmes. For all Buntús programmes the programme is delivered in a package consisting of 3 components; the equipment, the resource cards and the training. The three key components of the programme are designed to provide easy to understand, and accessible support to give children a fun, but high quality, introduction to sport. The purpose of the course is to empower teachers and childcare practitioners to use the cards in their PE / physical activity sessions.

  • Buntús Start is a comprehensive physical activity programme for children aged between 2-5 years old. It has been adopted from the Youth Sport Trust Programme Top Start in the UK. Buntús Start is delivered in partnership with the Health Services Executive or County Childcare Committee or a three way partnership.
  • Buntús Generic refers to Buntús Play and Spóirt programmes which are based on the Tops Play and Tops Multi-Sport programmes run by Youth Sport Trust in the UK. The Play bag is aimed at Junior Infants up to 2nd class and the Spóirt bag is aimed at 3rd to 6th class. However, the games on the cards can be adapted to suit the class's ability. Buntús Generic complements the Games strand of the PE curriculum which is one of six strands.
  • Sport Specific Buntús programmes delivered in conjunction with National Governing Bodies of Sport. Schools must have received Buntús Generic programme before receiving any of the Sports Specific programmes. The training is provided by the Regional Development Officers from the National Governing Bodies and specially trained Buntús tutors. Currently the Buntús Sports Specific programmes available to schools are Buntús Soccer run by the FAI, Buntús Badminton run by Badminton Ireland and Buntús Golf run by Junior Golf Ireland