Volleyball Ireland young leaders programme launched

 28 Jan 2021

Volleyball Ireland has launched a new online programme for students to upskill or begin their volleyball education across both coaching and refereeing in a safe and Covid 19 compliant manner

The programme  
This is a fully interactive online course. Participants can log on remotely to engage, discuss and debate. The first two hours will primarily focus on an introduction to coaching. A full breakdown of topics within the two hours are on the following pages. A one-hour lunch break is provided, before we complete a final two hours observing and analysing videos to discuss the steps and skills needed to become a school / national league referee. 
*Previous volleyball knowledge is not required for this course however students should read the pre course study material. This will aid in a better level of understanding and therefore enabling them to partake more throughout the session. 

Volleyball Ireland programme outcomes

  1. Upskill students in leadership qualities
  2. Raise awareness of volleyball in Ireland
  3. Provide a better volleyball understanding to experienced and beginner players, coaches and referees within schools. 

How it works

  • Schools should contact Conor Flood, VI Coach Education Coordinator by email.
  • Together, schedule a date to suit both tutors and school.
  • Volleyball Ireland tutors will then schedule a zoom at the agreed time and forward details as well as pre course reading material to the teacher contact. *Pre course reading should arrive a minimum of one week prior to course start date.
  • Once the full day is completed Volleyball Ireland will award digital certificates and T-shirts to the participants.